Patrick John Burnett

Social Scientist.
Time-series & Spatial Analytics.
Dynamic Data Visualization.
Social Networks.
Understanding Social Outliers.
Research Design.

PhD Candidate in Sociology at UBC. On the market.

We live in a globally connected world that is rapidly developing through digital communication and interactions.

Data is everywhere.

It is collected, cleaned, filtered and mined for patterns.
Patterns are isolated, visualized, and interpreted for insights.

At interpretation, there is often interruption.

Algorithms and analytics reveal What is happening in the data,
but they cannot explain Why the patterns emerge and what they mean.

Understanding the people behind the data, and the social in the patterns, facilitates the process of explaining...


As a Sociologist.

I use social theory and mixed-methodologies to design analytical strategies that help reveal the socio-cultural dimensions in data.

I see culture in data and find people in patterns.

I help answer the Why questions.

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