Patrick John Burnett

Ph.D. Sociology

Higher Education
Time-series & Spatial Analytics
Dynamic Data Visualization
Social Networks
Understanding Social Outliers
Research Design

An accomplished social science researcher with a proven track record of designing, conducting, managing and administering regional and national, inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional, mixed methods research initiatives related to higher education, health inequality, and experiences of marginalized populations.

Committed to the production of ethically sound and methodologically rigorous knowledge that can inform the development of evidence based policy and institutional level processes and practices. A proven leader, skilled in: data collection, management, analysis and visualization; managing people, tasks, and processes; fostering the development of individual and organizational potentials; carrying out short and long-term individual, team and organizational objectives; and, translating results into actionable practices.

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Theory and Method in Action

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Theory-Driven Visualizations

Challenging complex problems with theory, method, and technology